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Raw Gourment Star Thistle Honey
Catalog #: 7002
Try a taste of the best honey you could ever hope to taste, Raw Yellow Star Thistle honey.
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Yellow Star Thistle Honey

Raw Gourmet honey is unfiltered, unpasteurized and still contains all the vitamins, enzymes, some pollen and is the only food that contains all the nutrients required to sustain life! See our entire list of GOURMET HONEY

Due to the weight of honey, shipping is quite costly. However, we can fit up to 9 one pound bottles of honey in the USPS Flat Rate Box costing only $13.60 for shipping. If you would like to take advantage of this shipping method, please call us at 580-889-6486 requesting the Flat Rate shipping and we will process for your order manually.

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Champagne of all honeys! This Raw Yellow Star Thistle Honey has been voted America's favorite. Light in color and mild in taste. A welcome relief to the bite and bitterness of clover. Star thistle honey will cream easily and quickly. When spread on pastries or toast it literally melts in your mouth.

Although star thistle honey can be harvested in 46 states, very few areas have enough of this flower to harvest a monofloral honey. A few northern states have the pleasure of gathering yellow star thistle honey by the barrels full. The gourmet honey taster has to stand in line to taste this delight as it appears the word is out and everyone would like to get their hands on star thistle honey!

The gift of honey is the safest gift to give. Not only will it be used but a response is usually immediate… "Where did you buy that stuff? I'm out!"

This gourmet honey is a wonderful delight. It can be scarce. Each year the weather and eradication programs toy with the yellow star thistle crop production. We have enjoyed 2 years in a row of a bountiful crop. Honey, the perfect gift. Works well at home too!

Star thistle honey has been the talk lately of most honey tasters worldwide. One of the unique characteristics of star thistle honey is the aroma. Most honey tasters know the importance of aroma in food and wine but never thought of honey aroma. This warm sensational fragrance wafts through the honey house while we extract the star thistle honey with such perfuse aroma that the neighbors come with their honey jars exclaiming, "we smell that you are extracting star thistle honey!" Well the same beautiful aroma can be experienced when you take the cap off of your honey jar. The aroma is good, but pales in comparison to when you put that first taste in your mouth... Viva STAR THISTLE HONEY! You are hooked...

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