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Raw Blackberry Honey, Gourmet 1 lb Bottle
Catalog #: 7004
Blackberry Honey... the Gourmet Choice of Honey Connoisseurs! This robust mild honey has a soothing taste that lingers.
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Blackberry honey from the Pacific Northwest is raw honey with your health in mind. This blackberry honey has a flavor that is crisp, mild and distinctive. Blackberry honey is a breakfast favorite for pancakes, toast, muffins and coffee. Some testimonials claim this is the only honey they desire! Blackberry honey is a gourmet honey that is full of flavor and fresh from our apiaries in Washington State. Wild blackberry honey is a healthy heavenly sweet. See our entire list of GOURMET HONEY

Due to the weight of honey, shipping is quite costly. However, we can fit up to 9 one pound bottles of honey in the USPS Flat Rate Box costing only $13.60 for shipping. If you would like to take advantage of this shipping method, please call us at 580-889-6486 requesting the Flat Rate shipping and we will process for your order manually.

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Wild blackberry honey is gathered in abundance from Alaska to California. The largest collection of wild blackberry honey comes from the Coastal Pacific Northwestern shores of Washington State. Wild Blackberry Festivals, and berry harvesters dot the back roads and fields to glean this abundant wild blackberry crop. Weeks before the berries are ripe the honey bees have had one of the largest gatherings of nectar from the wild blackberries to finish the world famous wild blackberry honey that gourmet cooks around the world desire for the pristine honey flavor found in such abundance nowhere else in the world.

Blackberries are so plentiful in the rain ladened Western Washington (West of the Cascade Mountains) that the blackberry canes grow 20 foot tall and so thick that fence lines, old vehicles and abandoned homes are completely camouflaged and lost even from sight of airplanes. This lush growth of blackberries is easily identified as you drive the freeway, country roads and even private drives, the blackberries are everywhere. The great point of so many blackberry vines is the wonderful wild blackberry honey that is produced every year as a wonderful natural resource from Washington and Oregon. Warning! Wild Blackberry Honey is so GOOD, You won't want to be without it!

Blackbery honey is the most known American gourmet honey. Even with this reputation Wild Blackberry honey has not been tasted by the majority of honey tasters. Every attempt has been made to describe the taste of Blackberry honey but the description will never replace the flavor tasted in your mouth! We can tell you: Eat Blackberry honey, 10,000 black bears can't be wrong! These Pacific Northwest bears prefer blackberry honey every time...

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