Due to the FDA and the DOJ's requests, this site has been removed.

It finally happened. After 23 years in business of selling products to help our customers, the government entities have shut us down.

Anyone who ordered colloidal silver, in the last 90 days and is not satisfied, and would like a refund, email admin5@n-ergetics.com for a RMA number to return the product within the next 20 days,
(posted May 13, 2020)
We find it unusual that a “naturally occurring mineral and water” can suddenly be classified as a ‘new drug’ after 125 years of worldwide use, then use this NEW classification to shut us down. We are not happy that our freedom of speech and the right to privately contract has been taken from us.
We regret that we will not be able to meet your needs in the future. Thank you for your friendship and loyal patronage. We are praying for your good health.